12 safe to use natural deodorants for women!

The skin of a woman is very soft and gentle, and requires a deodorant which is not only capable of covering the body odor, but that also prevents any damage to the skin.

If you want a harmless deodorant, then using a natural deodorant might be the best alternative. Here, you’ll find some of the best natural deodorants for women.

Image result for Bali Secrets Natural DeodorantBali Secrets Natural Deodorant

There are lots of people who are allergic to baking soda, if you are one of them, then you can buy this one. As it contains no baking soda.

It is long lasting deodorant, which in spite of being natural can overcome long hours at the office and even an intense workout.

Organic + Vegan

Bali secrets is a roll on deodorant which has a strong smell in the beginning, but it gradually fades to a mild scent.

Does it leave residue?

No, it neither leaves white residue nor it stains your clothes.

Image result for Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant

Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant

Most of the natural deodorant available in the market are usually paste or stick, this roll-on natural deodorant is one of a kind.

Made in USA.

It is although not a clear/transparent liquid, it is whitish. All the ingredients are derived from natural and organic sources.

Real purity doesn’t claim to be an antiperspirant, but it does control sweating to a great extent, especially when you compare it to other natural deodorant.

The scent is Unisex and not over bearing.

Image result for Organic Island Deodorant, Unscented

Organic Island Deodorant, Unscented

Although, Organic island is not women-only, but as it is unscented it can be used by women too. It doesn’t have any added fragrance, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t smell at all.

It doesn’t have:

  1. Gluten
  2. Aluminum
  3. Paraben
  4. Alcohol

Even a small amount(1-2 slides) can keep you odor free for almost an entire day. That is why, this container can last easily up to 3-4 months.

If you live in an area which gets really cold, then the best way to use it is by pressing and holding, so the deodorant stick melts a little bit.


Image result for Sam's Natural Deodorant/DeodorantSam’s Natural Deodorant

It is a certified vegan and cruelty free deodorant which is available in more than 15 different scents.

For women it has:

  1. Women’s
  2. Unscented
  3. Aloe
  4. Sandalwood
  5. Wilderness

The company strongly believes in after sale service. Apart from that, you get a full refund if you return within 30 days.

If you have dry and damaged skin from a previous deodorant, then you can use this deodorant to repair your skin. It doesn’t have alcohol which can dry up your skin.


Wild Portland Rose-Healthy All Natural Deodorant

Image result for Wild Portland Rose-Healthy All Natural Deodorant

This one of the best organic/natural deodorants for women who want to stay away from artificial deodorants that are not only bad for the skin, but for their health also.

It doesn’t have anything which can be harmful to your health, including aluminum.

It has vitamin E.

Women who are prone to get rashes and itches can trust this deodorant as it is a hypoallergenic deodorant.

The manufacturer of this product takes pride in making this beautiful deodorant in-house. Each and every product you receive is handcrafted.


Image result for Green Tidings Organic All Natural DeodorantGreen Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant

This is a deodorant you must definitely buy if you want to a product which is not only safe for you, but also safe for the environment.

Green Tidings organic deodorant is produced in a facility which is completely solar-powered. And, the container in which this deodorant comes is also completely recyclable.

Cruelty-free deodorant-Leaping bunny certified.  

It might take sometime to be effective, especially if you have used an artificial deodorant for a while. You should give it at least 1-2 weeks.


Image result for Zaffré Botanically Infused Natural DeodorantZaffré Botanically Infused Natural Deodorant

This naturally scent deodorant has vegetable powder, essential oils and baking soda, which takes care of your sweat and odor problem.

It has absolutely no chemical in it.

Does the stick crumbles?

No, unlike many natural stick deodorants, Zaffre doesn’t break or crumble.

The quality of this deodorant is really very good, it doesn’t leave white/yellow residue on you, or stains on your clothes.

Con: It can get really hard specially during the winter season. So, either you hold it against your skin to melt it a bit and if that doesn’t work, you can use a heater or a blow drier. 

Image result for Freedom All Natural DeodorantFreedom All Natural Deodorant

Freedom is not any different from a good natural deodorants available in the market, but if you have tried few of them, and failed then you should give this one a try and hope for the best.

It is available:

  1. Bergamont Mint
  2. Peach
  3. Lavender citrus
  4. Travel Minis

All these fragrances are feminine, and if you want an unscented one, it is also available.

It is very smooth to apply and you won’t need more than two swipes. In fact, over-applying can result in white residue and stains on clothes.


Image result for Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin DeodorantGeranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant

There are many people who have allergies to baking soda, if you are one of them, then this deodorant is perfect for you.

Made in USA.

It has arrow root powder, which in the earlier times was used to treat wounds. It is used as ingredient in your deodorant in order to repair damaged skin.

Vegan + Cruelty Free

Shea butter makes it very smooth to apply, and prevents friction burn in your underarm that you usually get after shaving.


Image result for Schmidt's Deodorant Stick, Cedarwood + JuniperSchmidt’s Deodorant Stick, Cedarwood + Juniper

It is one of the most successful natural deodorant available in the market. Although, the scent of  ‘Cedarwood+Juniper’ is little dark and woodsy, but it caters to both men and women equally.

Other Fragrances?

  1. Tea Tree
  2. Geranium Flower
  3. Fragrance Free

This handcrafted deodorant is made in USA. Apart from being a natural deodorant, it is also a vegan and cruelty free deodorant.

Schmidt’s provides very good after sales service and if you are not 100% satisfied then you can contact their support to get an exchange or replacement.


Image result for ORGANIC 101 Lemon Haze USDA CertifiedORGANIC 101 Lemon Haze USDA Certified

There are many products in the market that are although natural, but they tend to use sub-standard ingredient to reduce the production cost.

Organic 101 is USDA certified, which pretty much guarantees that high quality ingredients are used.

30-days Money Back Guarantee!  

Due to the quality of ingredients, it rarely stains your clothes or leave residue in your armpit. Plus, it is very good for people with sensitive skin.

Not tested on animals. Gluten Free. Talc Free. Aluminum Free

Allergy to baking soda in a deodorant is pretty common now, if you are one of those people then you can switch to deodorant which uses corn starch instead.


Image result for Natural Deodorant for Women Citrus- Purely Great

Natural Deodorant for Women Citrus- Purely Great

Scent-wise, it is the most unique deodorant in the list. Citrus often caters both men and women, but it has more of a feminine scent.

Does it stain your clothes?

No, it doesn’t, if used properly. Over usage won’t make it more effective, instead you’ll end up with white residue and stains.

It can last for up to 3 months.

It is comes in a glass jar with plastic cap. It is advised by the company to stir it after before every use in order to get the best results.


These were the best natural deodorants for women available in the market. There is no one-fit-for-all, if a product works for someone that doesn’t mean it will work for you too. So, you might have to try couple of them before you find the right one.