7 Vegan deodorants that are effective

This post is especially for animal lovers and for vegans . In here, we will be talking about some of the deodorants that are 100% vegan and also very effective.

The deodorants mentioned can also be cruelty-free but it is not compulsory. It will mentioned clearly if a deodorant is a cruelty-free.

This article is written using the experience that I had with deodorants and using the reviews of customers over various platforms.

list of vegan deodorants

vegan deodorant cover

Soapwalla – Organic / Vegan Deodorant Cream

It is an all natural deodorant that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, including aluminium.

It will last for 3 to 4 months.

At amazon, this thing will cost you around $18 but on its official site you can buy it at $14.

Major note? Peppermint

The consistency of this deodorant is very smooth, therefore, it is very easy to apply.

For people who get a rash after using this deodorant, they can apply Apple cider vinegar on their underarms before applying the deodorant.

Apart from being a vegan deodorant it is also cruelty-free and a handcrafted product.


Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant Maximum Protection

It is a natural deodorant without aluminum.

One problem that natural deodorants have is that their effectiveness can vary to a great extent, from person to person.

For example, this might work extremely well for you but won’t work at all for your friend.

It has a great smell which is very musky and is more on the masculine side.

You might have to reapply it during the day but for majority of people it will go on for 6-8 hours easily.

Remember to dry your armpits properly before applying this deodorant as any moisture dilutes it and reduces it effectiveness.


Natural Deodorant – Roll On for Women & Men

It is vegan, organic and contains absolutely no toxic ingredients. Apart from being a vegan deodorant, it is also cruelty-free

Is it long lasting?

It is an extra strength deodorant which is very long lasting.

Major fragrance? Aloe and Lavender

The company even gives a money back guarantee.

It’s container is recyclable and BPA-free. BPA is a substance found in plastic and it decreases the growth hormone level in our body.


Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick, Apricot

Hops plant extracts inhibits the growth of bacteria that eats your sweat and produces odor.

If some bacteria still manages to survive hops, Zinc ricinoleate will bind the odor molecules produced by those few bacteria.


This one is in Apricot which is very nice unisex scent. It is also available in lavender and lemongrass.

All these scents are very mild and doesn’t interfere with your perfume. For those who don’t won’t any smell at all they can go for unscented one.


EO Organic Deodorant Spray, Lavender

This is a certified organic deodorant which doesn’t have harmful chemicals and contains a blend of oils that are therapeutic.

Another great vegan deodorant which is very gentle and is safe for even most sensitive skin.

Fragrances available?

This deodorant is also available in citrus and vetiver. Although, the lavender smells the best and following it is Citrus.

This 4 ounce bottle can easily last for 3 months, even if used exceedingly.

Even if you wear your clothes while it is still wet, it still won’t stain your clothes. It contains organic ethanol which is an alcohol, hence, it can dry your skin and it is also flammable.

Like any other organic deodorant give it a little time to adjust to your body before moving on to some other product.


SWEET! Vegan Deodorant

It is an all natural deodorant that contains only 5 ingredients. Those ingredients are Shea butter, Baking soda, Arrow root, extra virgin coconut oil and Candelilla wax.

Arrow root is basically a very good absorbent. It has very effective healing property, in fact, it got its name(arrow), because leaves of this plant is used on the wound caused by arrows.

As you saw this deodorant has couple of oils and Shea butter, which is very good for your skin.

If you have suffered burns or rashes from your previous deodorant then this deodorant will help your underarms heal very quickly while taking care of your sweat and odor.


Florere Original Stick Deodorant

This deodorant, to a great extent, is similar to Sweet! deodorant.  Except it contains cornstarch in place of arrow root. And, along with Shea butter it also has Cococa.

According to the company, this deodorant can last for 3-4 months.

It is aluminium-free and is good for kids and women who suffered from breast cancer.

The best way to use it is to hold it against  your skin and the body heat will make its application easy.

And, don’t forget to dry your skin completely before applying this deodorant.

This deodorant is also available in cream form. The stick is better for travelling and cream can be applied very easily.


You will smell a mild scent of both cocoa and Shea butter, but it is not overpowering.


These very some of the top vegan deodorant available in the market. You give some adjusting period to these deodorant and they’ll perform at their best. I hope you might this article useful.