7 safe aluminum free deodorants for men

It is a very known fact that aluminum present in the deodorant can cause various health issues. But, in reality there are very few deodorant available in the market that doesn’t contain aluminum.

And, from those that are available it is very difficult to decide which is the best. Like everything, it might happen that a deodorant which is good for someone might not be as good for another.

Keeping that in mind, here is a list of some good aluminum free deodorants for men. And, you choose one, which suits you the best.


Aluminum free deodorants for men

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

aluminum free deodorant for menIt is an all natural deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum, paraben, GMO’s or any other toxic material.

It is like a homemade deodorant which contains baking soda and arrow root powder. Arrow root powder basically keeps you dry. Other than that, arrow root powder is also a great wound healer.

Tip: To mix the paste perfectly into your skin, firstly hold it against your skin. The body heat melts the paste a little bit.

In spite of being a natural deodorant, it is still very efficient. It takes care of the body odor very well but it doesn’t do much about the sweating.

Arrow powder is good with absorbing sweat but not as good as an antiperspirant. Actually this is a unisex deodorant but it is will suite a male more than a female. 


Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant Maximum Protection

aluminum free deodorant for menApart from being an aluminum free product, it doesn’t have propylene gycol and triclosan in it. It is a 100% vegan deodorant too.

Does this deodorant stains?

No, this deodorant neither stain your clothes nor it leaves white residue on your skin.


It has a nice woody scent which suits men really very well. It has a very weak scent which means it doesn’t interfere with your perfume.

Note: Many natural deodorants take time to be effective. But, after use of few days your body will get used to it.


Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant, Honeysuckle Rose

aluminum free deodorant for menMost of the natural deodorants having baking soda in them but not this one. Instead of that, it contains Zinc ricinoleate, which traps the body odor molecule to keep you fresh all day.

This deodorant is not tested on animal nor it contains any animal ingredients.

As this is an aluminum free deodorant it is not very good with the controlling the sweating. Although, as a deodorant it makes up for it.

How long it lasts?  

On a normal day, this deodorant can last for up to 8 hours. Of course, it also depends upon your body type, hormones and daily activity.


Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – Lavender and Sage

aluminum free deodorant for menYet another deodorant paste in our list. The simple reason behind this is the safety it provides and the efficiency.

This natural aluminum free deodorant for men is available in following fragrances:

  1. Lavender+Sage
  2. Cedarwood+Juniper
  3. Bergamot+Lime
  4. Ylang-Ylang+Calendula

And, for those who like unscented deodorant, unscented is also available for them. Although, Lavender+sage is not the manliest but it is the best of them all.

As you can see in the picture this deodorant comes in a small glass jar. And, it can last up to 3 months.

It is very capable of neutralizing body odor and will last for about 8 hours. Although, it does nothing about the sweating. Hence, it is the best for people who have office job.


Every Man Jack Every Man Jack Cedarwood Deodorant

aluminum free deodorant for menIt is probably the best sweat controlling aluminum free deodorant for men available in the market. In fact, the company sells it as a 24 hour antiperspirant.

It is another deodorant in this list that doesn’t have animal ingredient and it is not tested on animals also.

The cedarwood scent of the deodorant is very manly and classy.

The best part about this deodorant is that it doesn’t stain your clothes or leave residue on you.

Although, I should warm you in advance that this is not a very long lasting deodorant. So, for maximum effect you might want to reapply in during the day.


Nasanta Magnesium Deodorant for Men

aluminum free deodorant for menWhat is different about this deodorant?

For starters, it is an Australian natural deodorant and secondly it has Magnesium as its primary deodorizer. And, no aluminum.

The company claims that it is nearly unscented which means it is good to use with your cologne or perfume as it won’t interfere with the scent.

It you are a man who have a very sensitive skin and who don’t want aluminum in the deodorant he uses, then this is the best deodorant for you. Due to its ingredients and gentle formulation it doesn’t irritates your skin or cause any rash.

If you are not satisfied with the product that company will give you 100% money back and the amazing part is that you don’t have to return the product. This certainly tells you something about the quality of the deodorant.

Honeybee Gardens – Deodorant Powder

Honeybee Gardens: Talc, Aluminum and Gluten-Free Vegan Deodorant Powder, 4 ozI know many of you people aren’t a very big fan of powder as a deodorant but there is no harm in trying one. It is a very good body deodorizer and it is aluminum free.

It is also talc free.

Talc or talcum is a substance that is known to cause cancer when inhaled. Actually, there are two type of talcum. One of them induce cancer and the other doesn’t. Most of the modern consumer products doesn’t have cancer causing talc in them.

Anyway, for sweating, this deodorant has both arrow powder and cornstarch. Baking soda is used as the deodorizer. People who are allergic to baking soda shouldn’t buy this one.

It is very good with sweat protection, considering the fact it doesn’t have aluminum in it.


These were some of the best aluminum free deodorants for men available in the market. There are very good with odor protection but you should expect them to work as an antiperspirant. Although, there are a few of them that control the sweat to some extent.