10 gentle deodorants for sensitive skin

Although deodorant is a very useful tool in our day to day life but still you’ll find very few deodorants that don’t cause rash or burn.

To be really honest there is no single deodorant in this entire world which is safe to use for everyone. Your body chemistry plays a huge part in how your body will react to a deodorant.

Keeping that in mind I have selected deodorants that are either especially designed for people with sensitive skin or deodorants that are by default gentle.

I will mention a diverse range of deodorant for sensitive skin that are suitable for each type of users. So, lets start.

List of deodorants for sensitive skin

Deodorant for sensitive skin cover

1)Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant, lavender

Primal paste natural deodorant

First of all, it is an all natural deodorant which makes it gentle and soothing. It doesn’t contain aluminium, paraben or other toxic substances. This deodorant is very good for people with sensitive skin.

You’ll rarely hear anything bad about it from its user and even if you do, “rashes and burns” won’t be the reason behind it. Like many natural deodorants it contains baking soda, which can cause allergy in many people.

Because although it has arrow root which works as a pretty fine absorbent but it is still not comparable to chemical antiperspirants.

The lavender scent of this deodorant is very strong but as it is very pleasing you won’t mind it. Or, you can go for unscented, which I believe has baking soda in higher concentration, which helps fighting odour better.


2)Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant, Unscented

Green tiding all natural deodorant

This is my favourite natural deodorant and probably the safest deodorant for sensitive skin without aluminum. This deodorant doesn’t have any harmful ingredient.  This deodorant works pretty well when it comes to dry underarms.

It has Shea-butter and baking soda, both of them help in controlling excess moisture without clogging up the pores. If you will visit their website, they have nicely explained about each ingredient that they have used. It is a vegan and a cruelty-free deodorant.

On top of that, the factory where it is made is all solar powered, so it is good for environment too. Now lets talk about its performance.

It is one of the best deodorant available for sensitive skin. It is available in lavender fragrance and unscented. 


3)Natural Deodorant Spray – Original Patchouli

Natural deodorant spray

Again we are back to a natural deodorant. But, we kinda have to. Anything which is natural is least likely to cause any harm to your body.

The two natural deodorant mentioned above had baking soda in them, which, as I said before, can cause allergy in some people.

This deodorant is baking soda free and contains various plants extracts that kill the odour producing bacteria. It is a very gentle deodorant and on top of that it is hypoallergenic also.

This deodorant does have a very strong scent because of Patchouli but the scent is truly heavenly. The Patchouli oil is very good at masking the odor.

4)Silver Shield Deodorant – Sensitive Skin Formula

Silver shield sensitive skin deodorant

This deodorant comes in two version: 1)Roll-on 2)Spray on. And, both of them are equally efficient. Obviously, the roll-on causes very less wastage.

This is again an aluminium-free deodorant and it doesn’t contain any other toxins also. It is as efficient in killing body odour as other good natural deodorants.

The container of this deodorant is reusable and cheap refills are also available. The refill will only cost you $7 per 2 ounce. The deodorant regulates the pH level of you underarm skin which in turn prevents rashes and burns.


5)Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Vanilla Grapefruit

LaVanilla healthy deodorant

This deodorant is a unique product of its kind as it uses very effective beta glucan technology to fight body odor.

Lavanila is recommended by many dermatologists and its formulation is irritation free. It has very citrus like fragrance which is very energizing.

Although, this is a unisex deodorant but it leans little more towards femininity. This deodorant is available in many other fragrances like, vanilla lavender and vanilla coconut.

This deodorant has healthy in its name because of a reason. Lavanila is packed with antioxidants. Frankly, there are a huge number of antioxidant and the company doesn’t specify which one.


6)Herban Cowboy Wild Deodorant Maximum Protection

Herban cowboy wild deodorant

Herban cowboy is among those few natural deodorants that is capable of dealing with sweat. Many organic deodorant have arrow root powder or corn starch in it, although these ingredients are good absorbent but still they are not up to the mark.

On this matter, this deodorant comes superior on  everyone. It has a formulation which not only keeps odour at bay but it is very good with sweat protection.

Apart from being natural, it is an alcohol-free deodorant which makes it a very good product for people with sensitive skin.

It is both animal friendly and environment friendly, as it doesn’t contain animal ingredients and the container is recyclable. This deodorant is unscented but there is also a “sports” fragrance, which is very clean and fresh.


7)Weleda Sage Deodorant

Weleda Sage Deodorant, 3.4-OunceWaleda is known to produce some very gentle-natural products. Waleda sage deodorant is probably the best deodorant for sensitive skin.  First of all, it is an all natural deodorant which is safe to use even by kids.

And, if a deodorant is safe for kids, then it is absolutely safe for adults with soft and sensitive skin. I contains ingredients like Sage, Tea tree and Licorice roots.

All these ingredients work together to provide you long odour-free hours. This deodorant does absolutely noting for the sweating.

Many people like the hippy smell of sage but there are few who don’t, for such people Weleda also have fragrances such as, wild rose and citrus.


8)Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for Men, Unscented

Crystal body deodorant stick

Crystal stone in general are very effective natural deodorant. They are efficient in controlling both the body odour and perspiration. On top of that, crystal body is hypoallergenic deodorant.

It is a cruelty-free deodorant which is not tested on animals. And, the most distinguishing thing about crystal stones, including this one, is that it can last for over an year.

It is a good idea to use this along with a good scented deodorant, anyway this deodorant cost close to nothing. It surely doesn’t stain your clothes but it can leave some residue behind, depending upon conditions.

The only drawback of this product is that the stick breaks from the bottom which can be really annoying. The best way to use it is after showering, when you underarms are still wet or you can pour some water on the stone before rubbing it gentle on you underarms. As you apply, you won’t get the idea of how much you have applied.


9)Almay Sensitive skin Clear Gel, Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

Almay sensitive skin deodorant

I thought it would be nice to include another antiperspirant in this list, so that you will have more than one option to choose from.

And, for many people more than odour, sweating is a bigger problem and hence they have to choose, though un-eagerly, a chemical filled antiperspirant.

Although, I have mentioned this antiperspirant at the end, it doesn’t mean that it is not efficient. It is as efficient in controlling perspiration as any other good antiperspirant.

Plus, as it is especially designed for sensitive skin, it is a very valuable addition to this list. It is an allergy tested hypoallergenic deodorant, which Dove is not.

10)Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Sensitive Skin, unscented

Dove Sensitive Skin deodorant

It is the only antiperspirant for sensitive skin in this list. After talking about two all natural deodorants, which focus more on odor protection and less on sweat protection it is the time to talk about a deodorant which has ability to deal with Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating).

As this is not a natural antiperspirant, therefore it has aluminium in it. In fact, it has approx. 15% Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly, which is the active ingredient.

In spite of this it is a very gentle deodorant, like every other Dove product. And, as you can see from the title, that this deodorant is designed especially for sensitive skin.

These were the best deodorants for sensitive skin that are affordable too. These deodorants are safe to use even on the kids.