10 best deodorants for women from all age groups

If you ask any guy about the biggest turn off in a woman, the answer would be: body odor. Whether you are at a station, or a business meeting or even a date; it is very important to smell nice.

With so many brands of deodorant available in the market it becomes very difficult to choose one, especially when you are blind buying.

In this article, we will discuss the best deodorant for women who sweat a lot or who have body odor problem.

List of best deodorant for women

Secret Scent Expressions so Very Summer Berry Clear Gel

Image result for Secret Scent Expressions so Very Summer Berry Clear GelSecret is one of the very few deodorant brands for women, that are gentle and effective at the same time.

It is a clear gel deodorant, which doesn’t leave any white residue on you, or stain on your clothes.

Is it an antiperspirant?

Yes, it is an antiperspirant. and probably the best antiperspirant for women. So, it works by firstly stopping the perspiration and then its fragrance does the remaining job.

This women’s deodorant is available in both cherry and lavender scent and they both are equally effective and smell really nice.


 All-Natural, Unscented, Organic Deodorant For Men & Women-2.7oz-Aluminum-Free & Long-Lasting, nonGMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free. For Underarms/Arm Pits, Smell Protection Non Toxic Made In USA,All-Natural, Unscented, Organic Deodorant For Men & Women

This is an organic deodorant which is safe for men, women and even kids. There is no animal ingredients in this product, hence it is a good choice for vegans.

It is not a chemical deodorant, so don’t expect sweat-free day, but it surely will contain sweat to a certain extent.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

The product is leaping bunny certified which means not only the final product, but the ingredients of this product were not tested on animal.

Crystal Body Deodorant, Stick

This is an unscented deodorant.

If you have a cologne that you really like or want to smell like absolutely nothing, then it is the perfect deodorant for you.

As you can see, it is very cheap and what makes it even more cheap, is how long a stick of this deodorant lasts. Even if you use it in plenty everyday, it will still last for over a year.

The crystal is easy to use and leaves no residue.

How to use it?

Apply some water on the rock, and gently rub covering the entire underarm, and not just the part where the hair comes. It is a daily use product and surely worth a try.

Junglewoman All-Natural Deodorant, Extremely Light Lime Scent

Image result for Junglewoman All-Natural Deodorant, Extremely Light Lime ScentJunglewoman is the female counter-part of Jungleman, and just like its sibling; it does a pretty decent job.

How is the scent?

It has lemon like scent which is somewhat like room freshener.

The problem with most of the natural deodorant is that they are not as effective and as long lasting as artificial ones.

But, that is not the case with this deodorant, it is very effective in keeping body odor at the bay, although, it don’t do much about the sweating.

Probably, the best natural deodorant for women available right now.


Secret Clinical Strength Smooth Solid Women’s Antiperspirant & Deodorant


Suppose you work in an environment where you just can’t afford these embarrassing sweat patches, then this women’s antiperspirant and deodorant combo is just the right thing for you.

Is it good with sweating?

The “clinical strength” in the title means that it is more capable of stopping the perspiration than normal antiperspirant.

In spite of being high in aluminium it is quite a good deodorant for women with sensitive skin.

How to use it?

One important thing to remember, is to apply this product not in the morning, but in the night before going to bed, it helps to absorb more. 


Lady Mitchum Women’s Advanced Control, Powder Fresh

The quantity of Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Gly is 20%, which is way more compared to any over-the-counter deodorant.

As, I have told more aluminium means more absorption which in turn means better sweat blockage.

Is it good for underarm skin?

This deodorant is alcohol-free and goes very well with the dry skin. Plus, it contains aloe and vitamin-E, which makes your underarm skin smooth and radiant.

At $5, it is a cheap alternative of Secret clinical strength deodorant. I would say if you sweat between level, then you should probably go with this deodorant.


Thierry Mugler Angel Deodorant Spray for Women


This is not just a deodorant, it can be seen as a hybrid of a deodorant and perfume. And, it is designed in the same way.

This deodorant has this classy women like fragrance that lingers onto your skin even in very harsh, hot and humid conditions.

You only have to spray 2-3 times and the 3.4 oz bottle will last for months if not a year. If you have enough money I would say, you give this a try.

Of course considering its price and that it is easily available in stores, you shouldn’t blind buy it. Go to a store to test it before buying it. Plus, buying from a store will kill the risk of getting a fake product.


Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant-Vanilla Grapefruit

Lavanila is basically a unisex deodorant, but on a masculine to feminine meter it moves towards the feminine side.


On the higher fragrance note it has vanilla and on the lower note it has citrus(from grapefruit).

How is it healthy?

The adjective “healthy” is added in the title due to two reason. The first is that it doesn’t contain ingredients that are considered unhealthy like aluminium, paraben, synthetic dyes and sulfates. And, it contains anti-oxidants, which gets absorbed through your skin.


Deonatulle for WOMEN Medicated Crystal Stone


Publicized by the company as the Japan’s best natural deodorant for women and men, this deodorant truly deserves a spot in the list of top deodorants for women.

How to use?

To use it, you’ll have to soak it in water and then gently rub on your underarms but it might take a little while before completely drying. It is made up of alum, hence can be used on cuts and wounds, as alum is an antiseptic.

For $10, this crystal stone will easily last for 6-8 months, even if used excessively.

Duration: If applied liberally will last for an entire day.

Depending on the part of the world you are living it can take some time to get delivered.

Dove go fresh Burst Body Mist

Image result for Dove go fresh Burst Body Mist

This deodorant can give competition to any expensive deodorant for women in quality and in fragrance.

Fragrance available?

  1. Rebalance plum & Sakura
  2. Revive Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena
  3. Nectarine and White Ginger

Dove go fresh is available in many fragrance but Nectarine and White Ginger Scent takes the lead by few inches. Although, choice of fragrance can be different from person to person.

So, this was the list of the best deodorants for women in every category. I have mentioned practically every type of deodorant. From antiperspirant to scented/unscented to natural, with and without aluminium  etc.