The antiperspirants without aluminum in them

Since few years, we have become much aware about the the ill effects of aluminium, especially in our deodorants. But, on the same hand aluminium is very effective ingredient for stopping perspiration.

For people who don’t have very serious sweating problem, there are many deodorants that are enough. And, if you have a serious sweating and odor problem, the only choice you got is to use an antiperspirant.

The problem here is that antiperspirant is quite synonymous to aluminium. If it is an antiperspirant, it got to have aluminium in it.

This doesn’t go very well with people who have suffered from cancer or any kidney disorder. For those people, we are gathered a list of some antiperspirants without aluminium in them.

As there are not very much aluminium free antiperspirant available in the market. Hence, we have also mentioned some strong deodorants that are without aluminium as well.


List of antiperspirants without aluminium

HyperDri Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant

I’ll begin by saying, while buying don’t get confused between HyperDri with and without aluminium antiperspirant. They cost the same but the one without aluminium looks very different.

The first thing every person wants to know while buying an expensive deodorant/antiperspirant,

How long it will last? 

The company claims that this deodorant can last between 60 to 75 days, depending upon the usage. But, a bottle of this can easily last for 4 months. Rest assured once applied in the morning it mustn’t be reapplied during the day.

You do have to remember that as it doesn’t contain any aluminium, it will take some time to show its effect. For best results, use according to the instructions. Initially you shouldn’t skip days but after some times you can start skipping a day or two.

I would finish by saying that it will not completely shut down the sweat but it will surely reduce it do the bare minimum. So, you’ll sweat but it won’t be problematic.


Pitpourri Natural Antiperspirant Deodorant Lemongrass

Apart from being, an antiperspirant without an aluminium it is also a natural deodorant which doesn’t contain any toxic chemical ingredient. The formulation is very soothing and conditioning. It also provides antibacterial protection.

The lemongrass scent is simply awesome and very efficient in keeping the body odor at bay. Lemongrass can easily qualify as a unisex scent.

For most of the people an application in the morning will keep them dry till the even, of course, the effectiveness might vary from person to person and also the climate and physical activity.

This is product of a person who sweat alot, who loves using natural product and who cares for his/her health.

Due to its soft texture it goes on very smoothly but that doesn’t mean that it will leak while travelling. The stiffness of the solid is exactly what you want. Plus, it does leave stain on your clothes.

This is definitely a worth it product and highly recommended by its users.


Perspi Gel 60ml Aluminium Free Antiperspirant Treatment PERGEL

I know it is a goddamn expensive and it is not for a person who is on a budget but if you are one of those who have plenty of money to spend then you should definitely try this. First of all, from my experience I can say that, if a product is expensive it got to have something that cheap products don’t.
In this case, it is an amazing product for ultra sensitive skin. Underarm skin is very sensitive and prone to rashes. If you are on of those who get burn and rashes with every deodorant, then you should use it.

The best and the most unique part about this antiperspirant it that it can be applied on the face without worrying about safety.

Apart from being an antiperspirant without aluminium, it is also an alcohol free antiperspirant which means it doesn’t dry up your skin. It can also be used for foot but seeing the price.


Lemongrass and Grapefruit Scented Aluminum Free Antiperspirant & Deodorant By Kym’s Diva Stuff

There are few things about this aluminium free antiperspirant which will make you buy it. Lemongrass and grape fruit scent is simple irresistible. It gives you a sense of freshness all day long. I would also like to add that although this scent is strong but it is certainly not overpowering.

It contains aloe, which is one of the best ingredient to have in an antiperspirant if you want smooth and conditioned skin.

Apply this to have less underarm hair. 

Yes, you heard me right. This antiperspirant contains Narcissus Tazetta Flower, which slows down the process of hair regrowth.

This deodorant is also available in Orange cactus & Sea salt, which is also unisex, like this one.

Other scents?

Yes, it is also available in  Wisteria Scent and for people who use perfume, there is an unscented version of this deodorant also.


These were the few antiperspirants without aluminium in them. I do think they are sufficient in themselves but if you are looking for more option, then below are name of some natural deodorants that are aluminium free and also are pretty good with perspiration protection.


1. Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant: It is one of the best harmless deodorant when it comes to sweat protection. It has root powder which is very efficient in absorbing the sweat and keeping you very dry for long time.

2. DeodoMom Roll-on – A Hypoallergenic Lotion Deodorant: The most unique thing about this deodorant is its ingredient list. In spite of having only two ingredients it is very effective in both controlling body odor and sweating.

3. Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Fresh: Probably, one of the best non toxic deodorant with amazing smell. Like, the above two it doesn’t contain aluminium in it but it still manages to control sweating to some extent.


These were few of the antiperspirants without aluminium in them, that are quite capable of keeping you dry all day long. I know the price in a little much in some cases but such combination(antiperspirant+aluminium-free) is also very rare. I hope you liked the article.