Top 12 aluminum free deodorants that work

Deodorant is an everyday product that everyone uses. But, what we don’t realize is that it can be harming us in ways we can’t even imagine.

For example, aluminum, which is a very common ingredient in our deodorants, can cause cancer and Alzheimer’s. You need to be even more careful if you have cancer patients in your family.

Since, cancer is lethal disease, it is best to prevent it in the first place, by following various practices. So, in this article, I’ll be talking about various deodorants that doesn’t have aluminum in their list of ingredients.

Aluminum free deodorants list

Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant *Extra Strength, All Day Protection

It is completely natural deodorant that do not contain aluminum or paraben or SLS. This product is truly vegan for the vegans around us.

Another unique selling point of this product is that the company claims that it has a BPA-free tube. Bisphenol-a(BPA) is a substance that is known to decrease your testosterone level.

And, one more thing, the facility where this deodorant is made, is solar powered.

It is usually doesn’t irritate your skin and doesn’t leave white residue. It it is the best deodorant without aluminum that works.


Premium Crystal Deodorant aluminum free Ideal for Athletes

It contains,Ammonium Alum, which is very effective in killing the bacteria that causes body odor. Although, it is not an antiperspirant, so it won’t stop the sweating.

And, this deodorant is something that you would like to carry with you, cause it can used on cuts, as it is an anti-septic.

This is an unscented unisex deodorant that can be used to cover stench of feet. It takes less than few seconds to dry and leaves no residue on you or stains on your clothes.


DeodoMom Roll-on – A Hypoallergenic Lotion Deodorant

It is an aluminum free deodorant that works effectively and it not tested on animals.

The most distinguishing factor about this deodorant is that it contains only two ingredients. One of them is water(duh!) and the other is Magnesium Hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide is an edible substance and is a part of many medicines.

It is a Hypoallergenic deodorant, that means, it goes well even if your have allergies or very sensitive skin.


All Natural Deodorant by Zak Detox Deodorant – Scented for Women

This aluminum free deodorant deserves to be in the list because of two reasons:

1) Performance 2) Fragrance

Being a natural deodorant you might expect it to not measuring up to your expectations but unlike any other natural deodorant it can easily last for 7-9 hours, depending upon the external and internal factors.

The company gives a 30-days money back guarantee, which is quite a unique thing is this department and probably a very good thing.

Because no matter how good a product is, it won’t be equally effective for every single person and in some case can be harmful too.

Adidas Cotton Tech Aluminum Free Deodorant, Fitness Fresh


This is the first scented non aluminum deodorant in this list. The scent of this deodorant is so clean and refreshing that it will keep you energized all day long.

This is not an antiperspirant, so you will sweat but it absorbs the sweat in a jiffy.

And, it is equally effective in controlling the body odor. Adidas Cotton Tech works well even with the people who sweat and stink a lot.

But, remember the scent won’t last very long, so, reapply it to keep smelling awesome the entire day.


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Vicco Vichy 24H Deodorant Sensitive Skin Aluminum Free Stick


This deodorant apart from being aluminum free, is also very gentle to the skin. It goes well with practically every type of skin.

If you are a guy who wants to smell more like his cologne and not his deodorant, then I would like to add that it is a truly unscented deodorant, which can be used by both men and women.

And, for the efficiency, it manages to keep you odor less even in very hot climate and it needn’t be reapplied before the next day.

A product which contains alcohol usually dries your skin, but you don’t have to worry about that as it doesn’t contain any alcohol.


Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, Fresh


Probably the best aluminum free deodorant for men available in the market.

If you aren’t a cologne person and a fresh smell of a deodorant is enough to please you, then no deodorant will be better than this one, for you.

This natural aluminum free deodorant have a crispy and fresh smell, like normal men’s body wash.

Many of you who might have used it before know that the only problem causing ingredient it has it “Triclosan.”

But, not anymore, after hearing complaints from the consumers the company removed Triclosan too.


Crystalux Deodorant Mist Spray From Deodorant Stones of America


Crystalux is a natural antiperspirant which doesn’t contain aluminum or any other ingredients like it.

If applied liberally it can keep you dry for an entire day. More than being an underarm deodorant it is overall body deodorant.

It can be applied to any body part which can produce odor, including your feet. It is a Hypoallergenic deodorant, so, don’t worry about your allergies or for that matter staining your clothes.

It has clear formulation and leaves no residue after drying very quickly. Animal lover should know that this product was not tested on animal.


Duggan Sisters Extra Strength Cedarwood Deodorant


Again a very simple deodorant with only three ingredients:

  1. Sodium bicarbonate
  2. Tea tree oil
  3. Cedarwood oil

Tea tree oil does the work of keeping your underarm desirably smooth and moist.

The container of this deodorant is refillable which makes it both eco-friendly and easy on your wallet.

In won’t cause rashes for most of the people and doesn’t stain your clothes or leave residue on your body.


Maximum Protection Deodorant – Dusk

The problem with most of the natural deodorants is that they smell too sweat and feminine.

But, that is not the case with this aluminum free and paraben-free deodorant, it have this manly scent that will drive any woman crazy.

In spite of being an all natural deodorant it can give competition to any artificial deodorant(filled with toxins) any day.

The cost of this deodorant is relatively cheaper than any other natural deodorant. You might have to re-apply this after noon to have the desired effectiveness.



21st Century, Herbal Clear Deodorant, Sport


This aluminum free deodorant uses an alternative method to fight the body odor.

Most of the deodorant works by killing the bacteria that causes body odor but 21st century uses botanical Lichen to inhibit the formation of bacteria, i.e, taking care of the problem at source.

It has a nice lemony scent that is not overpowering. So, you can use this with or without a cologne.


Jason Calming Lavender Aluminum and Paraben Free Deodorant


Again a very safe aluminum free product that can be used by every member of your family.

Zinc Ricinoleate, Corn Starch and Baking Soda are the ingredients that neutralizes the odor and Grape fruit extract fight the bacteria that causes body odor.

It has vitamin E which nourishes the underarm skin and keeps it smooth and rash-free.

The Jason deodorant is also available in other variants but I feel lavender is the most effective.


This was the list of the best deodorants without aluminum available in the market.